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Atco Flexduct
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Atco Flexduct - 4002510 - 040 10" x 25' R4.2 Mobile Home Flexible Duct

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04002510 10^ MOBILE HOME FLEX R-4


Flexible Duct Flex Duct 12 inches x 18 feet Code Compliance: UL 181, SBCC, BOCA, NFPA 90A and 90B and HUD 3280.715(b). A double lamination of tough polyester which encapsulates a steel wire helix forms the air tight inner core. The smooth inner core and fiberglass insulation are reinforced with scrim, and sheathed in a black, heavy duty polyethylene jacket which complies with the HUD requirements for outdoor mobile home use. The product is designed to be used as: a supply and return duct with self contained A/C, air duct system and or branch duct with upflow or downflow HVAC. R Rating: 4.2. Thickness 1-1/4 inches.

Features & Benefits

  • Air-tight Inner Core - Energy efficient / No fiberglass erosion into air stream.
  • Encapsulated Wire Helix - No unraveling when cut to length / Quick installation
  • Smooth Inner Core - Low friction loss / Low operating cost.
  • Thick Blanket of Fiberglass Insulation - Energy efficient / Excellent thermal characteristics
  • Black, Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Jacket - Tear and puncture resistant / Low maintenance.
  • Lightweight Compact Carton - Reduces warehouse and Jobsite handling cost.

More Information

  • Category: Air Duct
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 10" x 25'
  • Item Weight (lbs): 14.35
  • Material: Black Polyester
  • Brand: Atco Flexduct


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