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  1. How to Change a Circular Saw Blade and which Blade to Choose

    How to Change a Circular Saw Blade and which Blade to Choose

    You need to change a circular saw blade for one of two reasons - when the blade loses its edge or when swapping the blade to cut a specific material (wood, plywood, or metal). The first sign of a dull blade appears when you see an increasing number of torn fibers in the wood resulting in less clean-cut lines. The next sign of a blade wearing out is visible through burn marks in the material being cut. The saw will also cut slowly than usual, and the motor sound like it is straining to cut the surface. Luckily, the procedure to change a blade is similar across all circular saw models. This article gives you step-by-step instructions to change your blade and provides a guide to choosing the right type and size of blade to be used for different materials.

    Steps to Change a Circular Saw Blade:

    1. Unplug the power cord of your saw or remove the battery if you have a battery-operated saw.


    1. Rest the saw on a
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  2. RU199iN Vs RL94iP

    RU199iN Vs RL94iP

    There are many factors to consider while buying a tankless water system for your house. The best tankless water heater can be different for different people based on the number of members in their family, maximum devices to be run on hot water heater and its flow rate, climatic conditions of your area (the higher the temperature outside, the higher the GPM you will need and vice versa), location of the installation of your hot water system, availability, and convenience of storage of the fuel and more. We have compared two most popular residential tankless water heaters of Rinnai to help you make an informed decision before you buy one for your family.



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  3. 7 Tips to Summer Ready your Home Like a Pro

    7 Tips to Summer Ready your Home Like a Pro

    The summer season is about to set in soon. Now is the perfect time to make use of pleasant weather and plenty of daylight to inspect the plumbing of your house. Fixing all your plumbing problems in advance will let you enjoy the summer activities with family and friends hassle free. We have listed out 7 tips to make your house ready to beat the heat.

    1. Check your sewer pipes and gutters: With summer comes the summer storms and rain and they are the major culprits of sewer congestion and backups in the sewer line. Also, check for the roots of the trees invading the sewer line and any other debris blocking the drains. Clean and clear drains and gutters will allow the easy flow of rainwater and prevent leakages into your home, saving you from expensive repairs thereafter.
    2. Inspect the
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  4. What Makes the TOTO Washlet a Smart Investment

    What Makes the TOTO Washlet a Smart Investment

    Toilet paper is a staple in every American household. According to Environment America, the average American uses 140 rolls of toilet paper every year, making us the world’s top toilet paper consumers. Toilet paper use is also a major factor in the increasing carbon footprint of Americans in the world. With an increase in awareness around environmental factors, people are looking for paperless options for personal hygiene and a TOTO Washlet is a life changing solution to this problem.  

    What is a TOTO Washlet? 

    Washlet is signature product of TOTO. This next generation electronic shower toilet seat gives a refreshing a

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  5. Troubleshoot Your Leaky Toilet Flapper in 6 Easy Steps

    Troubleshoot Your Leaky Toilet Flapper in 6 Easy Steps

    A leaky toilet flapper is a common problem that homeowners face on regular basis. That annoying sound of trickling water indicates a leak in your toilet and an impending plumber visit to your house. Luckily, a quick inspection may be all that’s needed to locate the source of the leak. A leak with intermittent or constant trickling of water at the back of your toilet is generally due to a leaky flapper.

    What is a Toilet Flapper?

    Toilet Flapper

    A toilet flapper is a rubber seal between the toilet tank and the bowl. When the tank is flushed, the toilet flapper lifts upwards and allows water to rush to the toilet bowl. Over time, the flapper wears out - making the rubber seal harder, which lets water drip through the flapper valve even w

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  6. How to Choose the Best Toilet for your Bathroom: A Comprehensive Toilet Buying Guide

    How to Choose the Best Toilet for your Bathroom: A Comprehensive Toilet Buying Guide

    Toilets are generally a long-term investment for any household. With that in mind, it is best to know certain important features and designations to ensure you choose the right toilet for your bathroom. This article consists of the most important points to consider before heading out to shop for your new toilet.

    Design of the Toilet

    Along with their functional use, toilets also enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Listed below are the most common types of toilets available to help you pick the right one for your home based on your bathroom needs and design aesthetics.

    Two-Piece Toilet: These are one of the most used toilets in American households. As evident from the name, a two-piece toilet has two separate parts- a toilet bowl and a toilet tank. The benefit of this type of toilet is that if one

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  7. How to Drain a Toilet: A Step-by-Step Guide

    How to Drain a Toilet: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Before jumping into the repair or replacement of your toilet, you will first need to drain the toilet thoroughly to prevent a flood of water in your bathroom. Draining a toilet is not a complicated task; you just need to know the location of the water inlets and the right steps to drain your toilet with minimum mess in your bathroom. Here, we have outlined step-by-step instructions and a list of required tools to help you complete the task with ease.

    Tools required:

    1. Rubber gloves
    2. Bucket
    3. Plunger
    4. Large sponge
    5. Old towels and newspapers

    Steps to Drain a Toilet

    Step 1: Gently remove the tank lid

    Lift the tank lid with gloved hands and place it on a soft surface, such as a thick

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  8. Different Types of Faucets and How to Identify Them

    Different Types of Faucets and How to Identify Them

    Faucets are essential elements of functionality and aesthetics in a home. Whether you are gearing up for a DIY repair project or planning to design your new bathroom or kitchen, knowing about the types of faucets and their features will help you pick the right one for your needs. In this article, we have given an overview of the four most used faucets in homes.

    Ball Faucet: Ball faucets are the first-ever washerless faucets designed. Commonly found in kitchen sinks, these faucets have only one handle for controlling both hot and cold water. The single handle rotates over a rounded ball-shaped cap, also called the lever ball assembly, which is located above the base of the faucet spout. The ball is made up of metal or plastic and has chambers with rubber O-rings

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  9. 5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

    5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

    5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

    It is both exciting and satisfying to fix a plumbing problem in your house on your own, but if things go wrong, your DIY project is sure to give you a headache. If you are a new homeowner and planning to resolve a plumbing problem in your house, take a moment to review this article before you start. We have listed five common plumbing mistakes that homeowners make to save you from experiencing the same.

    1. Tightening the connections too much: Using too much force to tighten pipes and fittings could seem like it would give you better installation, but it could actually cause damage. When you try to overtighten an elbow, shut off valve, galvanized pipe, or coupling, it could crack the fitting and cause a leak instead of fixing the problem. Once your fitting is secure enough that it does not make any further
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  10. The 7 Best Water Heaters of 2021

    The 7 Best Water Heaters of 2021

    Hot water is a necessity for every household. From the showers and baths, laundry and dishes, to pets and hand washing, you need hot water for each of these chores, every day. To meet the daily requirement of hot water for your whole family, you need a reliable, durable, and cost-effective water heater. There are multiple types of water heaters available in the market that have different power sources and storage capacities - including on-demand ones. When you plan to buy a new water heater for your home, you need to analyze the available types and decide which model fits your requirements the best. To make your selection easier and more informed, we have compiled a list of water heaters to help you buy the right fit for your family.

    Best Water Heaters in various categories:

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