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  1. 5 Tips to Insulate your Windows in the Cold Weather

    5 Tips to Insulate your Windows in the Cold Weather

    Winters are about to set in, and you want to make your house warm and cozy. Windows are the first place where you can start with to winter-proof your house. Here are a few low-cost window insulation tips that will help you seal the chilly winter air entering your house.


       1.Make use of window insulation film.

    Window film acts as an insulator between the inside of your house and the windows. Plastic shrink film is often included in kits, which is applied to the inside window frame with double-sided sticky tape. Simply use a hair drier to shrink and remove creases from the film.

    1. Re-Caulk to insulate windows for winter

    Re-caulking around the glass can solve many windows insulation concerns. This works

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  2. 5 types of plumbing pipes commonly used in homes

    5 types of plumbing pipes commonly used in homes

    Choosing the right plumbing pipe for your house’s various needs could be confusing without proper information on the uses of everything available in the market. Pipes are used for the hot and cold-water supply of the house, for drainage, and venting of air. It is vital to check the building codes for the pipes to ensure safety and avoid property damage. This plumbing guide tells you about various types of materials used in pipes and the typical uses of each type of pipe for different plumbing projects.

    1. PEX Pipes: Polyethylene cross-linked pipe (PEX) is an economical flexible plastic pipe commonly uses for water supply. It does not leave traces of rust or corrosion into the water like its traditional counterparts, galvanized steel, and cast-iron pipes. It i
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  3. Easy Tips to Repair a Leaky DELTA Bathroom or Kitchen Faucet

    Easy Tips to Repair a Leaky DELTA Bathroom or Kitchen Faucet

    The dripping sound of your faucet is a constant reminder of the water waste in your house. Fixing a leaking faucet is a beginner’s level DIY task, and it can be done easily with the right tools, a step-by-step guide. The most common cause of a leaks in your bathroom and kitchen faucet is damaged or worn-out faucet parts.

    This DIY step by step guide focuses on Delta kitchen, bathroom faucets and tub/shower faucets with ball valve assembly. It does not include faucets with DIAMOND SEAL Technology faucets.

    Tools Required to Repair the Faucet:

    1/8-inch Allen wrench

    Needle-nose pliers

    Tongue-and-groove pliers


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  4. Why a touchless faucet is a smart choice for your home

    Why a touchless faucet is a smart choice for your home

    Touchless faucets are one of the trendiest and life-changing innovations in the field of plumbing. Their sleek design gives a contemporary feel and allows us to use the faucets in a much smarter way. Touchless faucets are a perfect blend of technology and modern design. Apart from the hygiene factor that comes with these types of faucets, they make our lives easier and convenient with their hands-free function. These types of faucets are gaining popularity in modern kitchens and bathrooms.


    How do touchless faucets work?

    The touchless faucets are equipped with motion sensor technology that starts the flow of water with a movement of a hand near the

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  5. 5 Reasons you Need a Bottle Filler Station

    5 Reasons you Need a Bottle Filler Station

    Traditional public water fountains have become an endangered species as people hesitate drinking from water fountains for health concerns. Due to hygiene and health concerns, bottled water has gained popularity over the recent years. Although an expensive alternative, people consider bottled water clean, hygienic, and easy to use while on the ego. According to a survey, Americans buy 29 billion water bottles a year and only one bottle out of six is recycled. Be it a school, office, park, gym, stadiums or shopping malls, installation of bottle filling stations reduce the usage of bottled water manifolds, which is not only expensive but can also be harmful for the environment. Bottle filling stations are environmentally friendly and cost-effective method to keep people hydrated at public spaces.

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  6. 5 Essential Tips to Prepare your HVAC for Summers

    5 Essential Tips to Prepare your HVAC for Summers

    Summer is almost here. Before the scorching heat and humidity take their toll, it is time to maintain your HVAC systems. A few small system checks will help to keep your house cool and comfortable all Season. Proper cleaning and lubrication of HVAC systems will help to give them their optimum performance and prevent premature breakdowns. Also, maintenance such as changing air filters and addressing dust build up will help improve the air quality in your home throughout the year. Here are a few tips to maintain your HVAC like a pro and enjoy the summer season in your house.

    1. Replace the air filters: Changing the air filter in your system is the first step to improve the quality and efficiency of your air. These filters are easily available, and you can change them yourself without any professional help. When summer arrives, it is recommended that you inspect and replace your air Filter
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  7. 5 Plumbing tips for a Stress-free Spring

    5 Plumbing tips for a Stress-free Spring

    Winter season is harsh on the plumbing system of your house. Spring is time to look for those hidden plumbing issues that arose in the winter season or those you ignored due to weather challenges. Here’s a list of the most essential plumbing maintenance tips to make your spring and summer season hassle-free.

    1. Clear Outdoor Drains, Gutters, and Downspouts: Everything from dried leaves to sticks, twigs, and other debris collects on your roof and in your outdoor space during the winter. Now that the weather has warmed up, you can clean out the debris from your outdoor drains, gutters, and downspouts. Many plumbing issues can be avoided by allowing water to freely flow down the drains.

    2. Inspect Faucets: Checking all your faucets for leaks is a good idea after winter but make a special point of checking your outdoor faucets. If you notice a leak after turning on your garden h

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  8. Things to check when your Water Heater is not giving enough hot water

    Things to check when your Water Heater is not giving enough hot water

    It’s really annoying when your relaxing hot shower is cut short by a stream of lukewarm water. Additionally, a steady supply of hot water is a must to carry out other household to-do’s. Washing dishes, laundry, and giving your pets a bath all requires a steady hot water supply. Whether you have an electric, tankless, or gas water heater, you can try some basic troubleshooting to fix the problem. Here is a checklist to help you identify the reason , and a few potential solutions, when your water heater is not producing enough hot water.

    1. Sediment or Rust: Water supplied for general use contains varying amounts of dissolved minerals, sand particles, and other debris. These impurities settle at the bottom of the water heater when the water is heated. This leads to the build-up of sediments near the burner, affecting the heating efficiency of the water heater. To avoid this problem, you can drain the water heater once a year. If you see rust at the bottom of
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  9. DELTA - Brand of the Month

    DELTA - Brand of the Month

    Lasting design, Smart and Attainable Innovations, and Quality that's noticed

    Delta is the pioneer of innovative and technologically advanced kitchen and bath faucets and fixtures. Each of Delta products are specially designed while keeping in mind the experience of people with water in their daily lives. Delta focuses on engineering beautiful designs that enhance the utility and functioning of its products to make lives easier.

    Transform your home with innovative and stylish Delta kitchen and bathroom faucets and accessories. Here are a few highly popular products of Delta for your reference:

    Tesla® Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet - Metal Pop-Up In Chrome.

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  10. How to Power your Business with SupplyPro

    How to Power your Business with SupplyPro

    What is SupplyPro?

    We value our customers and are committed to provide them the best possible services. SupplyPro is an exclusive loyalty program for buyers to make their experience at Supply Online smooth, fast and hassle free. Through this program, we offer exclusive add-ons, pricing, and promotions  to our industry professional members, with no extra cost.

    How to apply for the SupplyPro Program?

    You just need to click here and sign in. Once signed in to Supply Online, you can apply to be a SupplyPro member here. You will need to provide a little information about your company (Name, Address, Company Type, etc). Once approved, you are eligible to get all the benefits of this program absolutely free.


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