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  1. 9 Easy Steps to Replace your Kitchen Sink Sprayer

    9 Easy Steps to Replace your Kitchen Sink Sprayer

    A kitchen sink sprayer is an attachment that is fixed in the faucet plate or separately in the countertop. In modern faucets, sprayers are integrated in the faucets with extendable hoses. Kitchen sink sprayers add great functionality to your kitchen by helping you to clean wash and rinse food and utensils. Replacing a damaged kitchen sink sprayer or installing a new one just requires a few simple steps. Sometimes a kitchen sink sprayer functionality degrades over time due to accumulated particles and sediment When this happens, you don’t need to replace the entire sprayer. Just remove the aerator and clean the sediment. Your kitchen sink sprayer will work like new again!

    What you’ll need:

    New side sprayer

    Two pai

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  2. Tips to Winterize Outdoor Faucets

    Tips to Winterize Outdoor Faucets

    Winterizing your outdoor faucets is one of the must do tasks before the winter season hits hard. Doing this chore in a timely manner protects the pipes from freezing and prevents their rupture. Burst pipes can be a cause of trouble for you as water infiltrates the walls, ceilings and floors making your house damp and musty. You may have to spend thousands of dollars to fix this problem. Therefore, it’s better to take the right steps proactively to save yourself from unnecessary hassle.

    Steps to Winterize a Conventional Outdoor Faucet

    1. Turn off the water supply to the faucet. Also, turn off the shut-off valve closest to your outdoor valve in your basement or garage.
    2. Remove the spray nozzle if the hose is attached to the faucet. Drain the hose thoroughly, repair any pin holes and coil it neatly. Keep the hose horizontally on a flat surface away from s
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  3. 7 Effective Tips to Remodel your Bathroom on a Budget

    7 Effective Tips to Remodel your Bathroom on a Budget

    Planning a bathroom remodel may seem to be a daunting task. It could turn out to be a mess if handled without pre-assessment and planning. This guide will help your plan your bathroom remodel like a pro and help you create the bathroom of your dreams, within your budget and with no added stress.

    1. Jot down your bathroom needs: The first thing to know before you move ahead with your planning is to assess the needs of your bathroom. Make a list of things you would like to replace, rebuild or add to your bathroom. Also, know the needs of the members of your family. If you will be sharing the bathroom with your kids, you should consider the age of the kids while choosing the fixtures and fittings. Likewise, if elderly people are going to use the bathroom, you must take extra care of the texture of the flooring, lighting, and supporting bars at proper places.


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  4. Everything you Need to Know Before Buying a Garbage Disposal

    Everything you Need to Know Before Buying a Garbage Disposal

    Kitchens are the center of activity in every household and garbage disposals are their workhorses. They shoulder the responsibility of keeping both the kitchen and environment clean. Since its invention in 1927 by John Hammes, it is becoming an essential part of every American kitchen with each passing year. According to Nationally representative CR Survey done in February 2020 done on 1000 U.S adults, more than 50 percent of homes in the U.S owns a garage disposal. This guide will give all the information related to garbage disposal that you must know if you have one in your kitchen or plan to buy a new one.

    How a Garbage Disposal Works

    A garbage disposal is installed under the sink. It collects the food waste into its grinding chamber to shred it into tiny pieces and bits. Then

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  5. Brand of the month

    Brand of the month

    Innovation. Quality. Service

    Liberty Pumps are designed with a focus on innovation and durability. Check out our product range of Liberty Pumps’ sump pumps, sewage pumps, effluent pumps, drain pumps, grinder pumps, complete pre-assembled sewage packages, and pump accessories for residential and commercial settings.

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  6. How to Replace a Toilet Flush Valve

    How to Replace a Toilet Flush Valve

    What is a flush valve?

    The flush valve is located in the middle of the toilet tank. It includes the overflow tube, the hole where water enters the bowl when the toilet is flushed, and the rubber tank ball or flapper that covers the hole when the tank is full.

    How to detect a broken flush valve?

    If your flush valve is broken, you will notice water leaking out from the toilet tank. Begin to address the problem by replacing the flapper first. If that doesn’t seem to work, then replace the flush valve to stop the leakage. This guide will help you replace the flush valve in 7 simple steps:

    Tools Required:

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  7. How to Choose the Right Showerhead for your Bathroom

    How to Choose the Right Showerhead for your Bathroom

    Whether you are building a new bathroom or upgrading your existing one, you will come across an array of options for various bathroom fixtures. The showerhead is no exception, and your choices for them will be based on size, spray pattern, water pressure and more. This guide will help you pick the right showerhead for your aesthetic taste and plumbing fittings.

    Showerhead Categories

    These are the four most popular categories of showerheads available. You can pick the one that works best for you.

    1. Wall mount: Out of the upcoming three categories, wall mount showerhead is the most common option. It’s fixed in the wall above the shower faucet and is of maximum 5 inches in size. You can’t change the height of the showerhead as it is fixed on the wall. However, you can move the direction of the spray and customize the pattern of spr

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  8. Things to Consider while Buying a Bathtub

    Things to Consider while Buying a Bathtub

    Bathtubs add to the luxury and comfort of your bathroom. Soaking yourself in a warm bath after a long day soothes and rejuvenates you. If you are planning to buy a bathtub for your new bathroom or just dreaming about possible bathroom upgrades, there are few important factors that you must consider when picking the right bathtub for your bathroom.

    Tub Size

    Bathtubs are available in a variety if sizes and shape. Make sure you have the right measurements with you, and that you know the tub’s orientation and water connection layout while heading out to buy one for your bathroom. Also, consider your height and purpose of buying a bathtub. A standard bathtub is 60 inches long and 32 inches wide. If you are more than 6 feet tall, buy a bathtub that is 70 inches long. These tubs have more depth than the standard tub, usually greater than 16 inches. Therefore, if you dream o

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  9. How to Find the Best Kitchen Sink for your Home

    How to Find the Best Kitchen Sink for your Home

    No wonder, your kitchen sink is the hot spot of your daily household activities, from prepping for meals to watering the plants and bathing your kids. There are a variety of kitchen sinks available that fulfill your functional needs and lets you express your unique taste. This guide helps you find the kitchen sink of the right size and configuration that perfectly matches your style too.

    Size of the Kitchen Sink

    Finding the size of the kitchen sink is the first task when buying a kitchen sink. The size of the countertop, depth of the sink base cabinet, and usage will dictate the length and depth of the sink. If you love cooking and cook larges batches of food, you will need a sink that is bigger and deeper for large cleaning utensils. To get the right measurements, you need to measure the width and length of the sink, from edge to edge, and the depth of the basin. Also,

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  10. How to Choose the Right Faucet for your Bathroom Sink

    How to Choose the Right Faucet for your Bathroom Sink

    Whether you are remodeling or building your bathroom, you will have to choose a faucet that fulfills both your functional and aesthetic needs. There is an array of faucets available for your bathroom sink. To buy a faucet that that gives you hassle free performance for years, you should consider factors such as material and finish of the faucet, configuration of the bathroom sink and more. This guide will help you choose a long lasting bathroom faucet that fits all of your needs

    Configurations of Faucets


    This type of faucet has a deckplate that holds the spout and the two handles. It can be installed on sinks with one to three holes set 4 inches apart.


    The widespread faucet has three independent elements

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