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Monthly Archives: February 2021

  1. Different Types of Faucets and How to Identify Them

    Different Types of Faucets and How to Identify Them

    Faucets are essential elements of functionality and aesthetics in a home. Whether you are gearing up for a DIY repair project or planning to design your new bathroom or kitchen, knowing about the types of faucets and their features will help you pick the right one for your needs. In this article, we have given an overview of the four most used faucets in homes.

    Ball Faucet: Ball faucets are the first-ever washerless faucets designed. Commonly found in kitchen sinks, these faucets have only one handle for controlling both hot and cold water. The single handle rotates over a rounded ball-shaped cap, also called the lever ball assembly, which is located above the base of the faucet spout. The ball is made up of metal or plastic and has chambers with rubber O-rings

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  2. 5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

    5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

    5 Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

    It is both exciting and satisfying to fix a plumbing problem in your house on your own, but if things go wrong, your DIY project is sure to give you a headache. If you are a new homeowner and planning to resolve a plumbing problem in your house, take a moment to review this article before you start. We have listed five common plumbing mistakes that homeowners make to save you from experiencing the same.

    1. Tightening the connections too much: Using too much force to tighten pipes and fittings could seem like it would give you better installation, but it could actually cause damage. When you try to overtighten an elbow, shut off valve, galvanized pipe, or coupling, it could crack the fitting and cause a leak instead of fixing the problem. Once your fitting is secure enough that it does not make any further
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  3. The 7 Best Water Heaters of 2021

    The 7 Best Water Heaters of 2021

    Hot water is a necessity for every household. From the showers and baths, laundry and dishes, to pets and hand washing, you need hot water for each of these chores, every day. To meet the daily requirement of hot water for your whole family, you need a reliable, durable, and cost-effective water heater. There are multiple types of water heaters available in the market that have different power sources and storage capacities - including on-demand ones. When you plan to buy a new water heater for your home, you need to analyze the available types and decide which model fits your requirements the best. To make your selection easier and more informed, we have compiled a list of water heaters to help you buy the right fit for your family.

    Best Water Heaters in various categories:

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