8 Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Remodeling your Bathroom

Let’s face it: If there’s one place in the world that can bring you instant peace, it’s your bathroom. You may be tossing around some ideas on how to remodel your bathroom, but with the right planning and budgeting your dream project can have a happy ending. Let’s look at some common pitfalls to help you remodel your bathroom on budget and save you from the undue stress of rework and timeline delays.

  1. Choosing replacements over repairs

As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to first ask yourself if you can repair it and how long that repair would last before heading out to buy a replacement. Your worn-out cabinets might just need a fresh coat of paint to appear new, or your pale and grouted tiles may just need regrouting and some chemical cleaning. A battered washbasin with stubborn stains may just need a good cleaning to be renewed and reglazed. You just have to look for available repair options and weigh the cost and labor associated with regards to the new product. This could save you money and less building material to install the replacement.

  1. Not sticking to your design plan

You might be approaching a remodel with several design options in mind and discussing them with a professional bathroom remodeler can open many budget-friendly options for you. Finalize the most practical plan and stick to it. If you plan to alter the bathroom space of a few key elements only like the bathtub or the toilet, make sure you check the location of the pipe connections such as water inlets and soil pipes.

  1. Appointing an electrician after the remodeling process

It is important to appoint a registered electrician for your bathroom as soon as possible for rewiring, fitting lightings, electric shower, and pumps. This allows them to plan their work in coordination with plumbers and builders.

  1. Ignoring the bathroom ventilation

Bathroom ventilation is one of the most important aspects of your remodeling project. With high amounts of humidity in bathrooms, indoor ventilation is essential for good health and comfort. To remove trapped humid air from the bathroom, you need to install a appropriately sized fan to exchange the room air eight times per hour.  Try to look for features such as motion-activated lights and a timer or a heat exchanger to reduce energy consumption.

  1. Failing to take notice of the door clearing

Your bathroom is refurbished and ready to use. You suddenly realize your bathroom door hits either the toilet, bathtub, or vanity every time it’s opened. Installing a sliding door for smaller spaces or for those with larger fixtures can help avoid such problems.

  1. Not checking delivered shipments

You might be following your checklist to the tee and proactively ordering fixtures and other things in advance. What if you’ve not been opening your shipments as they arrive and later find faulty, broken, or wrong products in the box? Keep in mind, both online and retail stores offer a limited window to return or exchange goods. Make sure you check your products thoroughly as they arrive to avoid costly returns and reduce the stress of reorders.

  1. Overlooking functionality over form

Bathrooms are high-use spaces but generally smaller than other rooms; therefore, focusing on the functional aspect is paramount. Start your remodeling design with space planning and choose fixtures relative to size accordingly. Proper space and size planning of sanitary ware should allow you to sit, stand, and move in the bathroom without obstruction. Try creating storage spaces by using and maximizing wall space. Set the handrail and towel bars at appropriate heights and easy grabbing distance.

  1. Not considering future maintenance

It’s inevitable your bathroom will need maintenance in the future. Plumbing issues such as leaky faucets, malfunctioning water heaters, damp flooring, etc., need to be repaired immediately to prevent further damage and higher repair costs. In these scenarios, a bathroom with inaccessible taps or pipework only compounds the trouble. You may have to damage walls or rip up flooring to expose the root cause of the issue and complete the repairs. For easier access to your fittings, consider using false ceilings and fixings that can be conveniently unscrewed when required.

Wrapping up!

Turning your dream bathroom into reality requires the right planning, professional help, and a bit of patience. With all these elements in place, you can easily prevent the stress and frustration that usually comes with remodeling projects.

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