9 Easy Steps to Replace your Kitchen Sink Sprayer

A kitchen sink sprayer is an attachment that is fixed in the faucet plate or separately in the countertop. In modern faucets, sprayers are integrated in the faucets with extendable hoses. Kitchen sink sprayers add great functionality to your kitchen by helping you to clean wash and rinse food and utensils. Replacing a damaged kitchen sink sprayer or installing a new one just requires a few simple steps. Sometimes a kitchen sink sprayer functionality degrades over time due to accumulated particles and sediment When this happens, you don’t need to replace the entire sprayer. Just remove the aerator and clean the sediment. Your kitchen sink sprayer will work like new again!

What you’ll need:

New side sprayer

Two pairs of channel-type pliers

Basin or adjustable wrench

Plumber’s putty

Steps to replace a kitchen sink sprayer:

  1. Turn off both shut off valves of the faucet under the sink, or the main shut off valve of the entire house.
  2. Disconnect the sprayer hose from the faucet body present under the sink. Hold the brass connection with one pair of pliers from the faucet body. Now, unscrew the hose connector nut with the other pair of pliers.
  3. Pull the sprayer hose from the faucet body from underneath the sink. You will see a copper tube coming out of the faucet body. It has a brass nipple on it where the sprayer hose is attached. Using one pair of pliers, hold the brass connection and then unscrew the hose connector nut with other pair of pliers. Make sure you don’t grip the brass fitting and hold it firmly. This may twist the tubing leading to the faucet and break it.
  4. If your old sprayer has a housing, remove it by unscrewing the mounting nut from under the sink with the help of a pair of pliers.
  5. Install your new sprayer by inserting the tailpiece through the mounting hole. If the housing is without the gasket around its base, use some plumber’s putty under the base to seal the space.
  6. Using either a basin wrench or channel-type pliers, tighten the mounting nut onto the housing tailpiece from under the sink. Hold the housing in place if it twists when you tighten the nut.
  7. Insert the new sprayer hose through the housing and position it in a way that it is ready for connection.
  8. Attach the threaded fitting to the faucet body’s diverter nipple. Secure the hose of the faucet with pair of pliers to hold the fitting and the other to tighten the housing mounting nut.
  9. Turn on the water to check the sprayer for leaks. Also, run hot water through the sprayer to soften the tubing to make the tubing easier to extend and move around.