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Milwaukee Tool 48-89-2312 Red Helix Cobalt 15/64" Drill Bit

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The Milwaukee Red Helix Cobalt 15/64" Drill Bit Are Engineered For Extreme Durability And Longer Life In Hard Metal Applications. The Milwaukee Cobalt Drill Bits Are Designed With A Variable Helix That Includes An Aggressive 35° Helix Angle Which Ends At 15°. The Drill Bits Have Quadedge Tip To Decrease Heat Buildup And Drill Faster. The 135° Split Point Tip Delivers A Precision Start And Prevents Walking For Fast, Accurate Holes In Hard Metal, Pvc And Wood.The Tapered Drill Bits Feature A New Enhanced Tapered Web That Strengthens The Bit'S Core To Increase Flute Durability. The Cobalt Twist Drill Bits Are Ideal For Tough Applications, Providing Up To 15X Life Vs. Black Oxide Drill Bits.

Features & Benefits

  • Cobalt alloy for up to 15X Life vs. Black Oxide Drill Bits
  • QUADEDGE TIP designed to decrease heat build up and drill faster
  • ENHANCED TAPERED WEB strengthens the bits core
  • VARIABLE HELIX Design for rapid material extraction
  • 135-Degree split point for precision start no walking
  • 3-Flat Secure-Grip helps keep the bit fixed within the the chuck
  • Designed for Hard Metals, PVC and Wood

More Information

  • Category: Drill Bit
  • Item Weight (lbs): 0.045
  • Brand: Milwaukee


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