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RectorSeal Bill PR-3 Primer, Gallon

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Hi-etch PVC CPVC primer, 1 gallon


Bill PR-3 is a clear primer for use on all PVC and CPVC pipe, tubing and socket-type fittings.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe for use on potable water systems
  • Etches and penetrates the surfaces and increases the bonding strength on PVC and CPVC systems and Helps make a clean, professional looking joint
  • Good for PVC and CPVC systems
  • Manufactured from only high quality 100% virgin materials
  • 2 year shelf life

More Information

  • Category: Sealants and Primers
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.5 x 4 x 10.5
  • Item Weight (lbs): 7.91
  • Brand: Rectorseal


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