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Bring in a Refreshing Comfort into your Bathroom.

Meet the Toto WASHLET

Discover a culture of comfortable, healthy living with world-class Toto products!

#1 Tankless Brand in North America

Toto products come with an unparalleled blend of technology, comfort, and luxury. Their versatile range of high-class bathroom fixtures and accessories are designed to give you a space of complete peace and rejuvenation in your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I choose Toto?

TOTO is among the world's largest bathroom fixture manufacturers, offering a complete line of high-class commercial and residential plumbing solutions. Known for its innovative technology, Toto is offering expertly designed, high performance, and lifestyle-enhancing products since 1917.

Their product portfolio includes:

  • TOTO toilets
  • TOTO toilet parts
  • TOTO lavatory faucets
  • TOTO bathroom sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • TOTO urinals

What are the special features of Toto toilets?

CEFIONTECT- A signature technology of Toto that gives an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze to the bowl to prevent waste from clinging to the surface. 

EWATER+ - This next-level cleaning technology uses antibacterial properties of electrolyzed water to bleach your toilet. 

LED Lighting- Toto toilets come equipped with LED lights, making night-time bathroom visits hassle-free and safe. 

Warm Air Dryer- Washlets come with an in-built superior quality warm air dryer that works at the touch of a button. The Washlet dryers take the drying time of just 1-1.5 minutes, whereas other bidets take 2-4 mins drying time. 

Air Deodorizer- To keep your bathrooms smelling fresh, Toto toilets effectively freshen up the air around the toilet by using powerful ionized carbon filters that draw in and eliminate any unpleasant odors in your bathroom. 

Auto Open/Close- Toto offers toilets with automatic lids to give a completely hands-free experience. 

What is a WASHLET™?

WASHLET™ is a toilet with an integrated bidet, also referred to as a shower toilet. It gently targets the intimate areas, cleaning them with a warm stream of water. This gentle cleansing ensures an especially fresh feeling, improved personal hygiene, and greater well-being. 

At TOTO, the shower toilet is always a combination of two individual elements: WASHLET™ and the TOTO ceramic toilet. 

How WASHLET™ is a more hygienic option than conventional toilets?

Yes, WASHLET™ is setting new standards when it comes to personal hygiene. We always use water to clean ourselves – our hands, faces and bodies. Why shouldn’t we wash with water after using the toilet? WASHLET™ cleans the intimate areas gently and naturally with warm water. The result: A comfortable, fresh feeling that ensures greater hygiene, more well-being and improved health – every day.

What makes Toto’s Rimless toilets unique?

Conventional toilet bowls that have a rim to catches flush water to avoid splashing or mist. However, the waste material, as well as bacteria and germs, accumulate under this rim, making the toilet unhygienic. 

TOTO was the first to develop the unique rimless toilet technology that ensures maximum hygiene and thorough cleansing without any flush water spray or mist.